What to do if a man gets sexy underwear

What to do if a man gets sexy underwear

On important occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Memorial Day, if a man is given a gift to his girlfriend or wife, sexy underwear is undoubtedly an excellent choice.However, for men who have no experience in buying, choosing a suitable sexy underwear will be a difficult task.This article will provide some useful suggestions to help men choose a perfect sexy underwear as a gift.

1. Understand her figure

The effect of sexy underwear depends to a large extent on whether the size is appropriate, so it is necessary to understand the figure of your girlfriend or wife.If you are not sure how much she is, you can try to find clues from the clothing label in her wardrobe or ask her directly.

2. Buy the right style

For different women, the sexy lingerie styles suitable for wearing are different.Some women prefer sexy cardigan sexy underwear, and some women prefer lace sexy underwear that is lightly disclosed.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider the personal preferences and wear occasions of your girlfriend or wife.

3. Consider material

Material is the key factor that determines the comfort of sexy underwear.Some people like cotton -based body -fitting clothes, while others prefer high -end fabrics such as soft silk and satin.Men should know what type of sexy underwear she likes, or consider such factors when buying.

4. Don’t ignore the color of the underwear

Color is a very important factor in sexy underwear, which can add points to women’s skin tone.If you want to buy a sexy underwear suitable for her skin tone for her girlfriend or wife, you can choose gray, red, hidden blue or light purple and other colors.

5. Consider her style

Each woman has her own style of dressing, including sexy underwear.Some women prefer cute or playful sexy underwear, while others prefer more elegant and delicate styles.Therefore, men need to understand the dress style of girlfriends or wives, and then choose suitable styles.

6. Pay more attention to the reaction of his girlfriend or wife

If you can’t understand the taste of your girlfriend or wife, you may wish to pay attention to her reaction after seeing the gift.If she is very happy or put on underwear directly, it means that your choice is correct, otherwise it is not necessarily.

7. Choose regular brands and merchants

To buy sexy underwear, choose regular brands and merchants to ensure that you can buy high -quality underwear.At the same time, regular brand stores will also provide professional services, such as measuring body size for women, and tailor -made suitable underwear for them.

8. Keep the return and exchange voucher

If you buy a sexy underwear that your girlfriend or wife is not suitable, you can return and exchange within the time prescribed by the merchant.Therefore, it is very important to retain shopping vouchers or invoices in order to complete it smoothly when requiring returns and exchanges.

9. Don’t take interest underwear as the main gift

Although sexy underwear is very creative as a gift, do not use it as the main gift, usually as additional gifts, with other gifts or flowers.

10. Viewpoint: Choosing sexy underwear and preparing well in place will bring better results

When choosing sexy underwear as a gift, men need to be prepared in place, such as understanding the size, preferences, and style of girlfriend or wife.This can choose underwear that surprises her and satisfied.Of course, when giving her sex underwear, it is necessary to match the corresponding warm words and romantic atmosphere to achieve better results.

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