Where are the shops buying sexy underwear in Taiwan Station?


In modern life, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention, and has become part of women’s daily dress.If you travel in Taiwan and want to buy sexy underwear, then you may need to know some shopping information.

Taipei 101 Business District

There are many specialty stores that buy sexy underwear in the Taipei 101 business district.There will be diverse choices to buy sexy underwear here. You can buy European and American style or Asian style sexy underwear.These shops are usually closed at night, so please pay attention to time.

Xinyi District

In addition to the Taipei 101 business district, there are also many shops that buy sexy underwear in the nearby Xinyi District.There are many large department stores in this area, such as Hankyu Department Store and Eslite Bookstore.These shopping malls often have specialty stores or commodity counters for customers who buy sexy underwear to buy.These shops are usually open from 10 am to 9 pm.

Central area

The central district is one of the business centers in Taiwan. There are many shops that buy sexy underwear here. From small shops to large department stores, they are involved.The sexy underwear here is usually more expensive, but the quality and brand are very reliable.You can find many well -known brands, characteristic brands, and unique personalized products here.


Ximending is one of the famous shopping streets in Taiwan. There are many shops that buy sexy underwear.These shops are often characterized by different types and styles of sexy underwear, and the price is usually lower than other regions.The sexy underwear shop in Ximending is usually closed at night, and some shops are also open in the early morning.

Banqiao City Shopping Area

Banqiao City Shopping Area is another popular shopping street in Taiwan. There are many stores that buy sexy underwear.These stores usually provide many different options, and the price is relatively low.You can find some niche brands and styles here.

Online Shopping

If you don’t want to shop face to face, or you need more choices and convenient shopping methods, then online shopping may be a very good choice.There are many online stores offer many different styles and styles of sexy underwear.In Taiwan, many online shops provide retail and wholesale services, and provide safe, confidential and fast transactions and logistics services on the website.


In Taiwan, buying sexy underwear will need to be at least 18 years old, otherwise it will not be able to buy.In addition, some small shops may not accept foreign credit cards or do not provide English services, so please prepare in advance.It is best to choose to buy sexy underwear during the day or morning, so that many stores have closed at night.

Holidays business hours

On the holidays of Taiwan, the business hours of stores are usually different than usual. Remember to inquire about the time of the store or ask the clerk when they arrive.

Special recommendation

If you want a more unique shopping experience, you can consider participating in some special activities.For example, some brands will launch limited edition or special version of sexy underwear in shopping malls in Taiwan or commercial streets, and you can learn through various publicity channels.In addition, some sexy underwear shops will regularly hold sexy underwear fashion shows and theme party activities.


In Taiwan, it is not difficult to buy sexy underwear, but the space and varieties you choose are very wide.Each area has different characteristics and styles of sexy underwear.As long as you do your homework in advance and choose a shop that suits you, you can buy the sexy underwear you want.

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