Where can I buy fun underwear in Guiyang Qing Town


Interest underwear is a unique design and attractive underwear. It generally contains visual effects such as sexy, perspective, hollowing out.Although China has not developed well under the pressure of traditional culture, the sexy underwear market has not developed well, but in recent years, with the gradual changes of people’s consumption concepts, sexy underwear has been slowly accepted by everyone, and it has become a fashionable match.Even some occasions can be used as benefits and prizes.

Guiyang Qing Town Fairy Underwear Market Status Status

Although Guiyang is not a large city, as a provincial capital in Guizhou Province, there are still many sexy underwear merchants.However, in the Qingzhen area, there are relatively few sexy underwear, and people buy it from Guiyang.

Large shopping malls and shopping malls

There are many large shopping malls and shopping malls in Guiyang. Here is a place where you can find the most selected sex underwear.Xiaobian recommends to Guiyang International Trade Department Store. This is one of Guiyang’s most famous shopping mall. There are many internal merchants. There are many shops that specialize in selling sexy underwear.In addition, such as Xingli Plaza, Jinyang New District Vanke Plaza, and Guiyang Wanda Plaza are also good choices.

Sex underwear store

The sexy underwear store is not less than the mall, but the store is much smaller than the store, but the professionalism is strong.There are relatively few sexy underwear stores in the Qingzhen area, but in the main urban area and surrounding areas of Guiyang, there are many sexy underwear stores.When you come here, you can ask the salesperson to ask more about the knowledge of sexy underwear. They will recommend suitable underwear for you according to your figure and needs.

Taobao online store and WeChat public account

Today, the advent of the Internet era has made the supply channels of sexy underwear more rich and diverse.On e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, JD.com, there are many sexy underwear brands, and the supply and service quality are relatively guaranteed.Pay attention to product details, be sure to check the size carefully.In addition, the WeChat public account has also become a new method for the promotion of sex underwear brands and dissemination.

Sex underwear brand recommendation

When choosing sexy underwear, brands are also one of the important reference factors.The following is an introduction to some sexy underwear brands.

Miyou (myou)

Myou is a sexy underwear brand company, dedicated to letting women enjoy sex at ease and launch a brand for such women.Generological and sexy.The fabric is soft and comfortable, and the fit is fitted without losing elegance.The brand’s outdoor style and copywriting are particularly creative and well -received.The brand is also sold on major e -commerce platforms.


Huaian used to be the weathervane brand of sexy underwear.The launch of the underwear bra shaped the perfect chest shape, which will not squeeze the chest, which is very suitable for women with relatively tall chest shapes.The fabric is comfortable and the fabric is soft. It has both the effect of gathering and shaping the perfect breast type.

Suggestions for buying sex underwear

The following are suggestions for buying other shoes for your reference.

1. Select the right size according to the figure

The size is very critical. You must grasp your size.For example, problems such as bust, hips or tall shorts need to be considered clearly.

2. Pay attention to the quality and material of the underwear

The material and quality of the underwear are essential for human health. The selection of sexy underwear with good quality, safety, and pollution -free of pollution can help improve wearing comfort.

3. Select according to personal preferences and occasions

Different occasions require different styles of sexy underwear. Select your favorite style according to personal preferences and the occasion.

in conclusion

In short, Guiyang is a good choice to buy sexy underwear, because many merchants in this city provide a variety of rich sexy underwear.However, there are relatively few sexy underwear in Qingzhen District, and you need to go to the main city of Guiyang or to buy through network channels.

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