Where can I buy sexy underwear and let it dry

How to dry up and make fun of the underwear

We bought a beautiful sexy underwear, and of course we must maintain them well.The material of sexy underwear is generally delicate, and the method of drying has certain skills.In this article, we will introduce several methods of drying sexy underwear.

1. Do not use the dryer

Interest underwear is very delicate, so do not use a dryer to dry it.High temperature and strong mechanical exercise may damage them.

2. Don’t expose it to the sun

When drying in erotic underwear, avoid exposing them in the sun, because strong ultraviolet rays can also cause damage to them.

3. Use towels to dry water

Place the fun underwear on it with a towel, gently press the dry water.Doing this can reduce the deformed risk of sexy underwear and increase their durability.

4. Avoid twisting

Do not force your sexy underwear with your hands, because this may damage their fiber.We can gently suck the water with a towel.

5. How to dry the bra

Turn the bra, then pinch the bottom of the cup with your hand, so that the water in it will slowly flow out.Put the bra on the towel and press them to suck water.If you want a bra to have a better conservation, you can use paper towels or sponges to stuff the cup and maintain its shape.

6. How to dry the stockings

Hall the stockings, then take a suit with a suitable size, hang it on the stockings and let them dry naturally.Avoid pulling stockings and avoid overlapping feet or body.

7. How to dry up sexual panties

Hang the erotic underwear directly on the drying rack, be careful not to pull them.Do not plug towels or paper in the sexy underwear, because this may cause deformation.

8. Material of underwear

Different erotic underwear has different materials, which means different drying methods.For example, some materials need to be dried flat, while others need to dry vertically.When buying sexy underwear, you should read the instructions to understand their materials and drying methods.

9. Replace regularly

Drying sex underwear is a very important thing, but compared with it, it is more important to keep clean and clean at all times.We should often change sexy underwear to ensure that they are always dry and refreshing.

10. Dry time

The drying time of sexy underwear varies from material materials.Usually, we can dry them all night until they are completely dry.


The method of drying sex underwear is very important, because inappropriate ways will damage them and reduce their durability.We should use the correct techniques, such as not using a dryer, avoiding exposure to the sun, using a towel to suck water, etc. This can better maintain your erotic underwear.

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