Where can I have a physical store in Beijing sexy underwear?


As a private category that has a private category hidden in the heart and unknown, sexy underwear has not been accepted by the public, but its sales in the market have continued to grow.For consumers in Beijing, they can buy sexy underwear in multiple physical stores.

Brand physical store

As we all know, Beijing is a commercial city.Here, many brands in the market have their own physical stores. It is these physical stores with a close -up opportunity for customers who love beauty and try on clothes. Some of them also have a sex lingerie series.For example, Peach John, Sabon, Victoria’s Secret, Aimer and other brands all have sex underwear products. You can go to these brands of physical stores to buy.

Sex mall

In addition to brand physical stores, some sex malls also provide consumers with a variety of sexy underwear products, such as "Watanabe Zhimei" in the famous erotic supplies mall in Dongzhimen SOHO Shopping Plaza.This type of mall also sells various toys, lubricants and other products while selling sexy underwear, becoming a good place for customers when shopping.

Shopping block

Many shopping districts are also popular places for sexy underwear, such as commercial districts in Wangfujing, Xidan and other areas. There are many self -employed stores, counters and malls in these places.In the mall, you can find many well -known brands of counters, or you can choose to buy online merchants purchased through the online purchase and Taobao.Here are reminding you to pay attention to the authenticity and quality of the product to avoid buying bad products.

Small shop

In addition to large -scale merchants such as large shopping malls, brand physical stores, and sex malls, you can also find some women’s underwear stores in various small places in Beijing. These small shops sometimes not conspicuous, but internally provide various types of various stores.Exquisite sexy underwear.

Professional market

In Beijing, there are some professional markets that also sell sexy underwear to customers, such as the Women’s Frozen Products wholesale Market, the Beijing Oriental Grand Canal Comprehensive Mall, and Europe and the United States.In these markets, the types and prices of sexy underwear are usually more diverse. At the same time, merchants in the market also have more discounts on prices.

Shopping Festival

The shopping festival is not only when discount discounts, but also a good opportunity to buy sexy underwear.During some shopping festivals, such as Double 12, Double 11, 618, etc., many physical stores and shopping malls will provide a few % discounts. Come and pay attention to these activities and give yourself a set of beautiful sexy underwear.

Friend introduction

Good friends around you are also a good way to buy sexy underwear.You can learn from good friends that some products with high cost and good quality have been eliminated, eliminating the trouble of investigating and contrasting in shopping in shopping. At the same time, you can also learn from friends’ opinions.

online shopping

Online shopping has become a major trend in today’s consumption behavior. For customers who cannot go to physical stores to buy sexy underwear, online shopping will be a good choice, including Taobao, Pinduoduo, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms.The sexy underwear online store has gradually become a segmented customer base in the online shopping market.


All in all, there are a variety of ways to buy sexy underwear in Beijing. You can choose according to your preferences and needs.It is recommended that you start looking for from brand physical stores, sex malls, shopping blocks, etc. At the same time, pay attention to the quality and authenticity of the products to avoid adverse consequences.Although the market of sex products has always been in a relatively niche state, this is a very special experience and enjoyment for people who understand and buy sexy underwear.I hope you find the sexy underwear that is best for you in the process of purchasing, which can better show your charm.

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