Who can buy sexy suits

Who buy sexy underwear?

Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of modern life. More and more people like to wear sex underwear, but who buys sexy underwear?Let’s discuss here.

1. Couple

Couples are one of the main consumers of sexy underwear.For couples, sexy underwear can not only add interest, but also help them communicate better and improve the quality of interesting life.In terms of sexy underwear, couples often prefer exquisite styles, such as lace clothes and dress.

2. Single women

Single women are another large group of sexy underwear.They usually buy some sexy, avant -garde and individual underwear to increase self -confidence and increase their sense of self -worth.Unlike pure white or light pink traditional underwear, single women like sex and creative sexy underwear, such as transparent conjoined underwear, landscape socks, bone corset and carved lace three -point set.

3. Married couples

The proportion of married couples is not as good as couples and single women, but they are also part of the market.For couples, sexy underwear is not just an entertainment activity. It can also increase the taste and freshness of marriage life.Married couples usually choose comfortable, practical and natural sexy underwear, such as lace triangle panties and tulle pajamas.

4. Sex worker

In terms of professionalism or professional needs, sex workers are also part of the sex underwear market.For sex workers, sexy underwear is not only a job prop, it can also be used as a way to express self and personality.Sex workers often buy more high -quality and comfortable underwear, such as silk pajamas.

5. Beautiful person

The body is also part of the purchase of sexy underwear.Sex underwear helps to shape the body and highlight the curve.People with beautiful shapes have higher requirements for underwear than other people. They usually choose to cut more fit, higher texture, and more fashionable underwear.

6. Lovers

Interest underwear is also sought after by enthusiasts. For this crowd, sexy underwear is not only a wearable product, but also the function of collecting and playing.They usually buy some classic and limited edition sexy underwear, such as conjoined underwear with stockings, stamps with bone shirts.

7. Those who like to try new things

Some people who like to try new things will also buy sexy underwear to try.They believe that erotic underwear will bring them a fresh feeling and enhance their comfort and sexy.For this target crowd, the colorful underwear, the costume -style sexy underwear, and the perspective underwear are all non -missed styles.

8. European and American

Europeans and Americans have a rich understanding of sexy underwear, and they are also happy to buy sexy underwear for sexual life or increase sex activities.Compared with domestic, European and American sexy underwear is more diverse. European and American people will consider quality, styles and brands, European and American -style lace corsets and three -point sets when buying sexy underwear.

9. office workers

Although office workers or white -collar workers have no time to enjoy their own lives, they still plan to buy sexy underwear to develop their own interesting life.This crowd pays great attention to the quality and style of underwear. They usually choose high -quality, practical and stylish underwear, such as perspective briefs and lace tube top underwear.

10. Those who like to buy gifts

In addition to gender, people also consider buying sexy underwear from different ages and roles.Among this crowd, those who like to buy gifts for lovers, family or friends are one of them.The style and design of sexy underwear are very suitable for gifts.At this time, cheap design models and new products are usually their first choice.


In fact, everyone has different reasons for buying sexy underwear.The most important thing is to find styles and brands that meet your needs and preferences.Therefore, we can see that the sexy underwear market is very wide, and there are many brands and styles to choose from.

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