Who took Taobao sex underwear

The shooting process of sexy underwear

Taobao is full of various types of sexy underwear, with novel styles and unique design, so that people can’t help but want to buy one or two sets.As consumers, we pay more attention to the appearance of the product, but many people do not know the shooting process of sexy underwear.

Merchant shooting method

In order to make their products better display, merchants usually shoot professional underwear. They use beautiful lights, beautiful models and props to show the charm of the product.Merchants will also carefully select the models and scenes of sexy underwear, and perform multi -angle and multi -perspective shooting to give customers more intuitive and specific feelings.

The request of photographer

Photographers who shoot sexy underwear need to have some professional skills.Photographers need to have excellent styling ability and shooting technology. They can formulate suitable styling and shooting directions for models according to different types of sexy underwear, and seize the opportunity to take excellent works.

Model requirements

Models shooting sexy underwear have certain requirements for body shape, complexion and face, which is the basic requirement of model quality.In addition, models need to have self -confidence, generosity and plasticity, and can show the charm of underwear perfectly through expressions, movements and dynamics to present the fashion, sexy and elegant characteristics of sexy underwear products.

Image later processing

The photos of the sexy underwear taken needed to be treated later to enhance the color, picture quality and picture effect of the photo.When the photos are generally processed after the photo, the processing personnel cut the photos through PS technology to cut the photos, adjust the size, color, brightness contrast, and watermark, and finally output them into JPG format photos.

Factors affecting the shooting effect

To shoot sexy underwear, not only the cooperation of professional photographers and beautiful models, but also the effects of factors such as scenes, lighting, shooting equipment and other factors on shooting effects.If the team undertakes the shooting task, the conditions are not sufficient or very professional, which may affect the quality of the shooting effect.

The rise of "Meitu Xiuxiu"

"Meitu Xiuxiu" is a powerful and simple image editing software.This software is the leader of Chinese camera processing software, which can help netizens who do not understand PS easily beautify photos.With the rise of "Meitu Xiuxiu", many users use it to optimize sexy underwear photos and enhance their selling points.

Illegal phenomenon of sexy underwear shooting

In recent years, in order to make the sales of sexy underwear better, some merchants have adopted some illegal acts to exaggerate their sales, such as ordering, gazing, fishing, etc.This behavior undoubtedly causes a lot of trouble for consumers and other merchants. It is recommended that businesses face up to the problem and adhere to the integrity operation.

How to distinguish the authenticity of shooting

How can consumers distinguish the authenticity of sexy underwear when buying sexy underwear?First of all, you can watch it repeatedly through the picture to see how the authenticity of the picture.In addition, see if the real objects of the merchant product are consistent with the picture. If it is not consistent, you should re -consider whether to buy it.


Sexy underwear is a special category underwear. Of course, the team to shoot sex underwear in the market must also use professional shooting tools.However, while enjoying beautiful pictures, consumers should also consume rational consumption and choose products that really suits them.

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