Wide -shoulder sexy underwear

Wide -shoulder erotic underwear: perfect combination of sexy and comfortable

Wide -shoulder erotic underwear is very popular among many women.Compared with traditional erotic underwear, it has a wider shoulder strap and more stable support, making women more confident and comfortable when wearing it.In this article, we will explore the types of wide -shouldered sexy underwear, the occasions suitable for wearing, and how to choose correctly.

1. Hanging style

Hanging bandwroughs wide -shoulder sexy underwear is the most common type.It uses fine shoulder straps and thin cups to make the upper body more sexy and charming.However, wearing a suspender sex underwear requires certain confidence and courage, because it does not have traditional support functions, and it may appear too exposed in some occasions.Therefore, it is suitable for wearing at home or hot parties.

Second, splicing design

There is also a relatively novel design of wide -shoulder erotic underwear -stitching models.It is usually stitched by two different colors or materials, such as satin and lace, leather and velvet, and so on.This unique design of sexy underwear makes women more charming and welcomed by men.

Third, chest pad design

The chest pad is a very important design element of wide -shouldered sexy underwear, because it can provide more support and plumpness to the chest, making women’s figure more perfect.At the same time, chest pads can also play a role in preventing the nipples from turning, making women more confident and comfortable.

Fourth, material and color

The material and color of wide -shoulder erotic underwear are very important because they directly affect the comfort and beauty of wearing.Under normal circumstances, wide -shoulder erotic underwear is made of soft materials (such as satin, velvet, lace, etc.) to ensure comfort and durability.In addition, color is also a very important factor, and different colors can convey different emotions and styles.

5. Selection of the correct size

Choosing the correct size is an important guarantee for buying wide shoulder sexy underwear.If you choose too much or too large, it will affect the comfort and beauty of wearing.Therefore, it is recommended to measure before buying to ensure that choosing a size suitable for you.

Six, wearing techniques

The wearing skills of wide shoulders and sexy underwear are also very important.First of all, to ensure that the length of the shoulder strap and the bust are suitable for your body; second, pay attention to the tolerance and plumpness of the bra cup to ensure comfort and beauty. Finally, you must choose a suitable occasion to wear wide -shoulder erotic lingerie, andTo avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Seven, the choice of the occasion

It is very important for a wide -shoulder love underwear suitable for wearing.If you want to participate in a hot party, you can choose a suspender style sexy underwear; if you want to play your femininity, you can choose the sexy lingerie of the chest pad style; if you need to wear sexy underwear in daily life, you can choose comfortable comfort.And more durable style.

8. Brand selection

Brand is one of the important considerations in the selection of wide shoulder sexy underwear.Before buying, you can refer to the design and word of mouth of some well -known brands, such as Victoria’s secrets, lace cats, and Eveli.

in conclusion

Wide -shoulder erotic underwear is a perfect design that combines sexy and comfortable.When choosing, we need to pay attention to factors such as style, chest pad design, material and color, and choose underwear suitable for our body and occasions.Brand is also one of the important prompts in the choice.I hope this article can help you choose a wide -shoulder sexy underwear that suits you and show your confidence and charm.

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