Wife wears a sexy underwear story

First wearing a sexy jacket

The weather gradually turned warmer, and my wife started to buy some cool underwear, including sexy underwear.At that time, we went to buy underwear together. I helped my wife choose a black sexy underwear suit. She liked this shopping experience, and I also enjoyed the process of buying these underwear.

The feeling of wearing a sexy underwear

My wife went home to try on this sexy underwear. When she put on this, I felt the sexy and charm of her.Since then, sexy underwear has become a must -have in our sexual life.

Choose different styles of sexy underwear

We started to study different styles of sexy underwear.We like see -through and hollowed sexy underwear because they can bring our sexy experience.At the same time, we also like physical and sexy toys. These small tools can increase mutual understanding between husband and wife, thereby bringing a more passionate sexual life experience.

Selection of sexy underwear

We began to understand different materials used in love underwear, such as silk, lace and leather.Each material has different characteristics, which can bring different wear feelings.His wife was very interested in silk’s sexy underwear, because silk made her skin feel soft.

Select time when buying sexy underwear

We found that buying sexy underwear at different times can get different price discounts.We usually buy sexy underwear within the time of Valentine’s Day and Double Eleven. At this time, we can get better price discounts.We will also pay attention to the regular promotion of adult products stores to buy more favorable sexy underwear and sexy toys.

Precautions for maintaining sexy underwear

Interest underwear requires special care.We found that the sexy lingerie was cleaned alone, and then dried in a dry and ventilated place to maintain the comfort and beautiful appearance of the underwear.We also use supplies from adult products, such as bactericides and clean water to better maintain the cleaning and hygiene of sexy underwear.

Participate in fun together

We believe that when playing with erotic underwear and sexy toys, two people need to participate together to enjoy the fun together.Exploring needs and listening needs is also a key factor in increasing sexual life.When two people can share these experiences together, sex life will be more exciting and pleasant.

Interest underwear is not necessarily a part of sex life

Finally, we want to say that sexy underwear is not just part of sexual life.We found that wearing sexy underwear to go shopping, and even watching movies at home, letting ourselves feel more confident and charming.Interest underwear is a simple and interesting way to make the emotions between yourself and the other half more interactive and effective.


Interest underwear can not only stimulate interest, but also enhance the interaction and communication between husband and wife.Understanding love underwear and making good use of them can bring unexpected surprises and fun.

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