Will it be tired of wearing sexy underwear often

Common questions: Will it be greasy when you wear sexy underwear often?

For sex lingerie lovers, this problem may often occur.After all, wearing sexy underwear is a sexy and exciting experience, but if it is too frequent, does it make people feel greasy?Let’s discuss one by one.

The psychological effect of wearing sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear can inspire many people’s self -confidence and sexy feelings.To a certain extent, wearing erotic underwear can make people feel different from the past, more confident and bolder, so as to give yourself a stronger expression and body language expression.However, if you frequently wear erotic underwear instead of your own needs and wishes, it may make people slowly feel hard, lose charm and interest, and will feel greasy.

Change to wear, avoid the monotonous sense of the same style

After buying a new sexy underwear, after wearing it a few times, will it cause habitual ways and feelings?In fact, when your sexy underwear is very frequent, you may feel a little monotonous and boring.Therefore, you can consider wearing some sexy underwear with different styles, which can bring you freshness and excitement.

Wear different sexy underwear in different occasions

Wearing different styles and styles of sexy underwear can adapt to different occasions and moods.Emotional sublimation, such as sex with your partner, can provide diversity for your feelings, so as not to produce the greasy taste of the same sexy underwear style.For example, you can choose some sexy underwear with different styles and personality, such as sexy, romantic, fresh, pink, transparent, or black. It is assigned to different occasions and time periods to improve the sense of applications and relaxation of underwear.

The matching of the underwear with your favorite part

If you are dressed or found that you are stuck in a specific style of sexy underwear, and that underwear is wearing it for a long time, it may be difficult to get rid of it.Try the matching part or body shape.For example, for people who like to show back, you can choose a U -type vest sexy underwear to highlight the back and increase the sexy feeling.If you choose your favorite part or body type, you will not be bored no matter how many times a year.

Choose high -quality sexy underwear

Just like we are wearing high -quality coats, it is also a good choice to wear high -quality sexy underwear.High -quality erotic lingerie is excellent quality, special materials, and durable. It can provide you with a better sense of dressing and experience, thereby reducing your greasy taste of the same sexy underwear.

Play transition with: match with different attachments

The matching of attachments is also an important way to wear sex underwear.With different necklaces, bracelets, rings, high -heeled shoes or long -handle whip, you can add a lot of style levels to your sexy underwear, which emphasizes the sexy and femininity of the underwear.Therefore, you can try to explore different matching methods to add more fun and fun to your sexy underwear.

Consciously rest and wear sexy underwear

If you find that you often can’t get rid of the smell of underwear, then a short -term rest can be another way to restore freshness.Just like keeping the underwear away from your body for a while, let yourself focus on some other things, it may help you to remove the inertia feeling of a certain underwear.


The purpose of wearing sexy underwear is to create some chic and interesting experiences.However, if you often complain that wearing erotic underwear feels greasy, some of the above methods may help, so as to help you get out of the unnecessary conventional situation brought about by wearing erotic underwear and find the interest and fun of interesting life.

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