Will there be men in sex underwear, do you don’t like men?

Will there be men in sex underwear, do you don’t like men?


Interest underwear is a kind of clothing pursuing sexy and desire. It is different from the clothes wearing everyday. It pays more attention to visual effects and personalized design.However, some men may have conflicts with sexy underwear. So, will there be men who do n’t like men?

Men’s preferences are different

Men’s preference for sexy underwear is different.Some men like women to wear sexy erotic underwear because they can increase their body’s attractiveness and mystery; while some men prefer the sexy of women from the inner temperament and charm, which is not sensitive to sexy underwear, so it cannot be generalizedEssence

Impact of cultural background and religious belief

Cultural background and religious beliefs will affect men’s preferences on sexy underwear.In some cultures, women wearing fun underwear are regarded as immoral behaviors, and in other cultures, women wearing sexy underwear are regarded as a reflection of fashion, sexy and confident.

High requirements for body figure

Sexy underwear usually requires women to be healthy and healthy, which requires women to maintain a good figure and skin.For men, if a woman’s body or skin is not good, then even the sexiest sexy underwear is difficult to become attractive.

The occasion of use is large limit

The use of sexy underwear is special. It is usually used only between two people and cannot be worn in public places or families.This also means that for some conservative men, it may be uncomfortable with sexy underwear because they violate the social norms given.

More expensive

The price of sexy underwear is more expensive, which may make some men discourage.Especially for some men with heavy families, they may feel that sexy underwear is an unnecessary luxury.

Choice of style and brand

The style and brand of sexy underwear will also affect men’s preferences on sexy underwear.Some men like sexy but simple sexy underwear; while some men like more bold and avant -garde designs.At the same time, different brands also have different audiences. Men’s preference for brands will also affect their choice of sexy underwear brands.

The relationship between personal hobbies and sexual orientation

Personal hobbies and sexual orientation will also affect men’s preferences on sexy underwear.For example, homosexual men may be more interested in men’s sexy underwear; some men are more attractive to women’s sexy underwear.

Whether it is suitable for individual personality characteristics

Fun underwear requires women to have positive, open, bold personality characteristics. If a woman is conservative or shy, it is difficult to produce sexy effects even if wearing sexy underwear.For men, they may prefer women with moderate personality or quiet, and they may not be sensitive to sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Based on the above factors, not all men like sexy underwear.Men’s preferences are diverse. Different cultural backgrounds, personal hobbies, and personality characteristics will affect men’s preferences on sexy underwear.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, women should choose the right style and brand according to their style and personality.

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