Woman opens the stall and the body fun underwear picture

What is a woman’s stall and sexy underwear

Women’s open -stalls are a sexy and interesting underwear. They are usually composed of fabrics, edges, shoulder straps, hooks, and eye buckles. They have an open lower design, so that the wearer will not take off the entire underwear without taking off the underwear.In the case, sexual behavior can be performed.

Open gear and body fun underwear use

The main purpose of women’s funny underwear is to add fun to the life of husband and wife, especially in special days, such as Valentine’s Day, husband and wife’s anniversary.In addition, the opening of the stall can also be used in the dress of nightclubs, parties, dance performances and other occasions.

Open gear and style of sexy underwear

There are many different styles of women’s funny underwear, such as all transparent styles, net eye styles, lace styles, student uniform styles, and so on.Everyone can choose the style that is best for them according to their preferences and figure.


The most important thing when buying the opening of the stall and the sexy underwear is to confirm the size.Ensuring a size suitable for you is the key to ensuring comfort and wearing comfort.It is recommended to use professional underwear guidelines for measurement so that you can buy a size suitable for you.

How to open up the gear of the accessories connecting the sexy underwear

In order to get the best results, women’s stalls are very important for the matching of physical erotic underwear and accessories.For example, transparent lace can be matched with high heels, black lace gloves and earrings to make the whole dress more sexy.

How to better care

In order to extend the service life of the opening and sexy underwear, we need to take proper care.This means correctly cleaning, avoiding exposure, avoiding drying, and not folding errors when folding.

Commonly opened stalls with sexy underwear prices

The price of a woman’s stalls and sexy underwear will vary according to various factors such as material quality, style, size and brand.Generally speaking, the price of ordinary styles with the price of a body-in-law underwear is between 20-50 yuan, and the price of high-end brands may be higher.

Women open the market for sexy underwear markets

Women’s opening ups and fun underwear is a fast -growing market. Many brands have entered this market and launched different styles and quality underwear for different needs.The rise of the Internet also makes it easier for buying open -stalls with sexy underwear.

Women’s influence of sexy underwear

Opening the stall even more fun underwear can increase the fun of the life of couples, and at the same time allow women to better understand their bodies and be more confident.However, when choosing, we still need to control the frequency of underwear on the basis of suitable and suitable for ourselves to maintain the quality and balance of life.

Women’s stalls are a sexy, interesting underwear, which can increase the fun of husband and wife life.Through the correct cleaning and care, we can extend the life of the underwear.At the same time, we still need self -control to maintain the quality and balance of life.

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