Yu Mo’s sex underwear and pillow pop


Yu Mo’s sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that makes women feel more exciting in sex.Pillow pop is one of the more common sexual pose.So, how to combine these two elements?This article will introduce you how to wear Yu Mo’s sexy underwear for pillows.

Choose Yu Mo’s Instead underwear

First of all, we need to choose a feathers that are suitable for this posture.It is recommended to choose a style without shoulder straps, which can be more convenient to perform good exercise.At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the design and material of Yu Momo’s sexy underwear can maintain comfort and stability in sexual activities.

Keep your posture stable

When wearing a pillow on the pillow wearing feathers, we need to pay special attention to keeping the stability of the posture.This posture requires the woman to lie on the bed, and the man stands beside the bed to enter, so he needs to keep his body balance. Be careful not to excessively bend or extend the knee, so as not to prevent the posture from being blocked.

Adjust position

When the pillow pops, because the woman is lying on the bed and cannot keep her body stable, the man needs to make related adjustments.When entering, you need to pay attention to adjusting your position to ensure that you can make activities more freely. At the same time, support the woman with your hands to maintain the comfort of your posture, so as not to occur unnecessary accidents.

Avoid injury

When the pillow pops, the legs of the female can be raised, her knees are bent, and this posture is more pressured on the body.Therefore, we must avoid excessive use of this posture and try to maintain comfort.Avoid excessive squeeze on the lower abdomen when pillows pop, so as not to cause physical injury.


When pillows pop, we need to pay special attention to the use of lubricants.Because this posture can easily lead to the woman’s vaginal dryness, and the use of lubricants can effectively improve this problem, making sex more comfortable.

Righteous control of the rhythm

When pillows pop, we need to control our rhythm.Avoid excessive force or too intense exercise, so as not to cause too much burden on both parties.We recommend taking mild and stable rhythm to achieve better comfort and stimulus.

Pay attention to the problem of infection

When pillows pop, we also need to pay attention to the problem of infection.Because this posture is more likely to cause cross -infection in sensitive areas of both sides.It is recommended to clean before carried out sexual activities and take appropriate contraceptive measures to avoid health problems.

Enjoy the pleasure of pillow slap

Finally, we need to enjoy the pleasure brought by this sexual posture.The special nature of the pillow pop posture allows both parties to experience the excitement brought by the other party more deeply.Women wearing Yu Mo’s sexy underwear can also enter emotional state more freely and enjoy the unique climax brought by this posture.

in conclusion

The combination of Yu Mo’s sexy underwear and pillow pops can bring more exciting and unforgettable sex experiences to both parties.However, when pillows pop, pay attention to the protection and health of the body, so as not to cause physical damage.