Cost of sex underwear

Cost of sex underwear

Cost of sex underwear

As a fashionable clothing, sexy underwear meets the needs of people’s sexual blessings, but also an industry that can create rich profits.It is not easy to do sex underwear. It needs to comprehensively consider manufacturing costs, pricing, and material selection.This article will introduce the cost of the manufacture of sexy underwear from all aspects.

Material costs

The manufacture of sexy underwear is inseparable from materials, including fabrics, lace, silk, satin, etc.Different costs have a great impact on the quality, feel, and touch of the finished product when making sexy underwear.A piece of erotic underwear, such as satin, lace and other materials, its price may be 3-4 times higher than the conventional ordinary underwear.Therefore, the material cost of sexy underwear needs to be more reasonable with the cost of design, sales, transportation, etc. to achieve sustainable profits.

labor cost

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The process of sexy underwear is complicated, and scattered needles, tight needles, stretching, elasticity, etc. are more difficult technologies.Therefore, the manufacture of sexy underwear requires relatively skilled workers to operate, and the labor cost is relatively high.Under the same workload, the production of sexy underwear is more complicated than ordinary underwear.The impact of workers’ skills and experience in sexy underwear on cost is very obvious.If workers are skilled, they can effectively reduce waste of paste and other consumables, thereby reducing costs and increasing profits.

Design cost

The design of sexy underwear requires professionals. They should have rich knowledge and experience in underwear size, fabric, matching, process, flower type, printing and other aspects.The level of designers will directly affect the market competitiveness of sexy underwear.In the process of making sexy underwear, it is necessary to maintain good creativity and pay attention to the integration of multiple elements such as sex, fashion, and personalized, so as to attract more consumers.

Brand marketing cost

The sexy underwear industry has a huge market background, but at the same time, with fierce market competition, strong brand marketing is the key to success.Brand marketing is very important for the sales of sexy underwear, because a good brand image can attract a large number of fans and customers.The brand marketing costs of sexy underwear include advertising, marketing, sales promotion and other aspects. If the plan is properly planned, it can gain good benefits. On the contrary, marketing costs will become a bottleneck restricting the development of the sexy underwear industry.

Freight cost

Sexy underwear usually needs to ship from the manufacturer to the seller’s shop, or send it to the customer from the store.This involves logistics transportation.The cost of logistics transportation depends on various factors such as logistics companies, transportation distance and transportation means.For those sexy underwear that need to be imported from abroad, it also needs to pay tariffs, import taxes and other costs. These costs will affect the cost of sexy underwear.

After -sales service cost

In order to attract more customers and improve loyalty, manufacturers and sellers will provide after -sales service.The cost of after -sales service includes evaluation of returns, replacement of defective products, and maintenance.The efficiency of after -sales service provides customers with after -sales protection, and also increases the trust of sex underwear from the client.


Packaging cost

The general selling channels of sexy underwear are packaged underwear into a complete unit to protect existing items.Packaging costs include purchasing packaging materials, labor costs, printing and labels.When transporting sexy underwear, it is very important to control the packaging materials. It protects products and transports them to end users’ hands, thereby reducing cost expenditures.

Pricing strategy

The market price of sexy underwear is affected by various factors, such as material costs, brand reputation, market competition, etc.In order to reduce the initial cost, it is sometimes adopted to adopt discount promotion and other strategies.Although this helps increase sales, it weakens the price of sexy underwear.Therefore, in a fierce competition market, flexible pricing is an excellent strategy that can dynamically adjust the price of sex underwear according to the market conditions.

Generally speaking, the cost of sexy underwear manufacturing varies from various factors, such as design, materials, labor, brand marketing, transportation, and so on.In -depth understanding of the cost composition of love underwear is very important for manufacturers and buyers.Only by fully understanding the cost of sexy underwear can we better formulate market strategies and promote further development.