Shanghai Fairy Underwear Store

Shanghai Fairy Underwear Store


With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for sexy underwear has become higher and higher.In Shanghai, the sexy underwear shops abound, but it is not easy to choose a family.This article will introduce you to several recommended sexy underwear stores, hoping to help you find the ideal underwear.

Pink Witch Fun Lingerie Specialty Store

The pink witch sex lingerie store located in Xuhui District, Shanghai is a shop with a minority needs as the main service target. All underwear styles reveal the high -end, fashionable and sexy taste, which makes people like at a glance.

Women’s Funny Underwear

Small Band Top Sheer Stockings & Garter Set – 7608 + 7241

Women’s interesting underwear is located in Huangpu District, Shanghai. The style in the store is more in line with the aesthetics of Chinese people than other shops, more affinity, and is popular with consumers.In addition, makeup and styling activities will be held in the store to help women show their charm better.

Snow Huayang sexy underwear shop

Snow Huayang’s Info Underwear Shop is located in Jing’an District, Shanghai. Its style is more bold, emphasizing the sexy feeling of women.The underwear style in the shop covers each color system, making your choice more diverse.

Red Wine sex lingerie shop

Red wine sex lingerie store is located in Hongkou District, Shanghai. Its style is mainly sexy and noble, suitable for women who are different from general sexy underwear.The ingredients in the store’s underwear make you not feel uncomfortable at the same time as sexy.

Sakurafang sex underwear shop

Sakura House’s sex lingerie store is located in Putuo District, Shanghai. Its underwear style has a variety of underwear styles, high materials, moderate prices, reasonable pricing, and is deeply trusted and loved by customers.There are also professional consultants in the store, which can provide one -to -one underwear matching suggestions.

Living color, fragrant sexy underwear shop

Living colorful incense underwear shop is located in the mayor of Shanghai. Its style is simple and bright, creating a comfortable and natural feeling.The quality of the underwear in the shop is guaranteed, making you more assured when you buy it.

Sexy Lingerie

Yi Nan Fun Lingerie Shop

Yonan’s Info Underwear Shop is located in Pudong New District, Shanghai. Its design is fresh and natural, revealing a fresh and moving atmosphere.The underwear style in the shop is also very diverse, so that you have more choices.

Love Liuxing sex underwear store

Ailiuxing’s sex lingerie store is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai. Its style is very fashionable and full of young vitality.The underwear classification in the shop is also clear, making your shopping more convenient.


The above is a more recommended sexy underwear shop in Shanghai. Each shop has its own advantages. You can choose a shop that suits you according to personal preference.In general, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the style, material, and after -sales service when choosing in order to buy suitable sexy underwear.