Women’s Book Remembering Fun Underwear Novels

Morning running encounters female secretary

This is an ordinary early morning, and the morning runners in the community go out early to exercise.I also got up early and wore running shoes, shorts, and T -shirts into the community.Running and running, suddenly, I saw a lady in a sports outfit not far ahead.Due to the narrow venue, we had to go closer.At the moment I approached, I saw her face clearly and was the secretary of our unit.

Sexy underwear hook people’s vision

Looking down at her body, a straight leg, slender and slender legs, wrapped with a pair of black leggings on it.Can’t help but sigh, it’s this female secretary!The instant understanding made me a little nervous, but it was inevitable to have a few more glances, standing in place to watch the beautiful figure.

Meeting at lunch time

A few days later, when I had lunch in the cafeteria, I saw her unexpectedly.She stood at the door of the restaurant and waited for her small team.I approached her and became the person at a table of her team.

Interesting underwear makes people think about it

When I saw her pants, I was attracted by the beautiful legs again.Every time I look at her, I will have a little imagination, as if in my mind to replace this scene three or five times.In such imagination, I can’t resist myself again.I gradually stopped looking at her face, but more and more attracted by her body.

Episode of a certain party

Without thinking, I suddenly saw that she was holding a glass of red wine and came to me not far away.I took the cup and suddenly found that she reached out to shrink her clothes into her body. This action made me feel that her body was always too beautiful in some aspects.

What you want to know

After that, I thought about how the female secretary wore a sexy underwear at night, wanted to know what she looked like at home, and wanted to know what she was doing at home.I often do these things, but I am not an idiot. When I realize my mistakes, I tried to stop it.My best friend is one of my doctors.After listening to my story, he told me to stop because it would endanger my level of medical treatment.I am grateful for his suggestions, and I am afraid that my best friend will no longer think of me as his friend.

Love is coming

However, soon, I met her unexpectedly.We talked a lot.She told me that in her life, the existence of a very important person was gone.I naturally look forward to her moral principles, but I have some complicated happiness deep in my heart.That night, we talked a lot at the round table until we left that place.Many nights, our relationship continued to deepen.

The confession of the female secretary wearing a sexy underwear

One night, she finally admitted that there were two men before me.Soon, we talked about sex.In that atmosphere, she told me how she wore a sexy underwear.I suddenly felt that things were so real.After this again, we continued to become crazy and began a relationship.

These are all fantasy

Although this story is very plot, it is a fictional story without any authenticity.For the understanding and cognition of sexy underwear, please buy reasonably while understanding your personal interests.

The charm of sexy underwear

Interests of sexy underwear, especially with beauty, gorgeous, avant -garde, and fashionable lingerie, have always been a hot topic between women, and it is also a sexual gadget that men dream of.This type of erotic underwear can bring people a mental stimulus, vitality, and joy because of its unique design and materials. In addition to bringing sexual passion, it can also make people feel the improvement of beauty and physical comfort.But while enjoying charm, we must also pay attention to reasonable selection and moderate neatness.

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